A translator’s “Blogophobia” Dealt With

A translator’s “Blogophobia” Dealt With

It is an open secret that blogging is a trending activity nowadays. But, believe it or not, there are some people out there who are still afraid of taking the leap into blogging and all sorts of reasons are used to justify their choice: I am really busy; I don’t know what to blog about; how can I make people read (and enjoy) my posts on a regular basis; how to be inspired so as to keep my blog up and running; and so on. I myself have gone through this and if you are reading me right now, it means I’ve somehow overcome my “blogophobia”.

Translation, writing and blogging

Being a professional translator, I must say I earn a living by rewriting English content in French. From another perspective, I am always writing and, basically, I meet the requirements to be blogging (writing for a blog). Besides, I wrote a guest post about handling issues relating to the translation of PDF documents and another post on translator’s visibility. I am grateful to both blog authors (Olga Arakelyan and Catherine Christaki) for accepting my guest posts. I have been passionately reading their articles, as well as those from many other leading authors in the translation blogosphere. I felt so honored when the second guest post won the 2015 Proz Community Choice Awards (#ProzCCA) for Best translation-related article. This motivated me into letting the inner blogger shine.

Just another blog?

All blogs are not created the same, although many specialize in the same industry and target the same kind of readers. Most of the time, the reader wonders “Is this just another blog?” The direct answer is No! Each blogger has their stories to tell, with special emphasis, a particular style and approach that make them unique.

In this quest for uniqueness, I will focus on a visual approach to all stories published here. Remember the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand word”? Well, I’ll be dealing this way. More pictures, few texts, as inspired by Mox blog and Zen pencils. So get ready to start a new adventure in the wonderful worlds of translators as entrepreneurial linguists, freelancers, and related writing professions. Feel free to suggest topics, blog posts, ideas, pictures, so we can make it together.