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Online and Email Courses

PDF Translation
This 5-day email course teaches you practical and powerful techniques to seamlessly assess, translate and recreate PDF documents. You’ll identity types of PDFs, measures for a smooth translation process, as well as creative ways to mirror the layout of any PDF file.
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Translator Visibility
Handpicked resources to help you brainstorm, develop and implement an overall visibility strategy for your translation business. Join this free email course to learn about visibility and why it matters to you as a translator in the digital era.
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Translator Branding
Branding plays a key role in influencing why customers choose one service provider over another. Learn how to build a strong and fit-for-purpose translator brand, so you can attract clients and stand out as a unique and trustworthy partner.
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Downloadable Resources

Translator Branding Worksheet
There is a misconception that translation and branding are mutually exclusive. This short guide walks you through what it takes to build a strong translator’s personal brand, with real-life examples and further readings.
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Do You Speak Localization?
Get access to the translation industry jargon by downloading this free ebook. Authored by Gábor Ugray, memoQ founder, the resource walks you through the most commonly used expressions in the #t9n industry.
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European Union Open Data Portal
This is a collection of zipped Translation memories from the EU’s Directorate General for Translation (DGT) provided for linguists working on EU-related files. TMs are provided in most (if not all) official languages of the European Union.
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Translation Journal Masterlist
A growing list of Translation journals compiled by the European Society for Translation studies (EST), featuring top class scholarly journals which publish the latest research on translation, interpreting, terminology and related topics.
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Game Localization for Dummies
Free guide by LocalizeDirect that provides insights on localization costs and how to minimize them, free tools to "spy" on competitors and carry out business intelligence on the games markets, and much more.
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