SIFI Book Publishing Assistance


Online search is a core component of our daily activities. This is even important as being translators/interpreters requires to browse through the vastness of the Internet, in a bid to get access to reliable data, information, files, documentation and more.

Thus the need to be quick and effective (avoiding lots of distractions, beating procrastination and improving productivity).


This book aims at sharing secrets of effective online search, as well as tips and strategies to ensure anyone can search and find virtually anything online.


It covers not-so-common ways to search online, primary sources of information, advanced techniques (e.g. the Go-Deeper principle), and dictionary usages. It also explores termbases, social media features, encyclopedias and more.

The book equally provides case studies, real-life stories, practical and actionable tips, as well as data-backed revelations.

Assistance Needed

I am currently writing the book and your help will be greatly appreciated. I would need:

Beta readers: you’ll get early access to the book content and send me valuable feedback (you help improve the book quality and – in return – get it at a discounted price when it is published.

Cover Design Assessors: You will be shown several designs and will be expected to choose what seems the best fit (and explain why).

Early reviewers: After reading the book (either the beta or final version), you will post reviews on the Amazon page where the book will be published.

Remember that you can provide assistance in any (or all) of the domain above.

How to help

Just send me your details below, so I will be able to get in touch.

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