The World Wide Web is Wide.
Here is a Guide to Effective Navigation.

Stop wasting hours scouring the whole Web for accurate terminology, high-paying clients, training opportunities or anything in-between. This online search book reveals easy and practical approaches ANYONE (even mere beginners or technology dummies) can apply to become online search aces in less time.

online search book by carlos djomo

As the saying goes, Time Is Money, so avoid wasting yours going up and down the Internet lanes.  This 121-page guide walks you through search engines, social media, specialised datasets and repositories so you learn the “not-so-obvious” hacks to speed up your online search sessions.

This book offers tips that will help you become a better translator, communicator
and marketer by using better search methods that will save you
heaps of time. Onward and upward!
- Catherine CHRISTAKI
Founder & Partner, LinguaGreca Translations

Topics Covered.

Search Engines 101
Get an insight into how search engines operate and use advanced techniques to leverage their full potential so you can search and find anything you want.
Terminology Gems
Meeting partners to prepare a high-level event or joining online sessions with your global teams? We can provide real-time mediation to make your participation a success.
Best Data Sources
Where should you search for first-hand, reliable information? How to ensure anything you find is accurate to your needs? This book provide clear answers to these and more.

If It Is Available Online,
You Can Find It.

Terminology datasets, similar reports, free ebooks or business certifications to advance your career, whatever is online could be found within minutes.

Online Search Made Simple.

A wealth of useful information that goes well beyond what the title suggests. On every one of the 100+ pages, the author shares tips, techniques, online resources and reference material that are sure to make a huge difference.
Entrepreneur, Founder @1kolo
how to search online book by carlos djomo

Non-Geek Friendly Approaches.

Getting accurate online search results should not be rocket science. Sure, there are complex algorithms to take into account and knowing the ropes is an advantage. This book provides practical tips to make the whole process simpler and easier (even you are not a geek).

Kindle and Paperback.
The Choice is Yours.

No matter your preferences – reading on your mobile device or feeling the touch of paper – your online search guide is available to suit your needs. It now up to you. Click the buttow below and grab your copy.