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Happy learning.

- Carlos Djomo, CEO + Founder, cdlancer
Author of Search It, Find It: The Translator's Minimalist Guide to Online Search

PDF Translation Made Easy.

This course teaches you practical and powerful techniques to seamlessly assess, translate and recreate PDF documents. It is a 5-day email course where you'll learn how to identity types of PDFs for better processing, preliminary measures to ensure a smooth translation process as well as creative ways to mirror the layout of any PDF file.


I learned so many tricks and tips. I am now convinced to be better equipped to handle all kinds of PDF documents.
- Nelson Yemeli, Freelance Translator


I was very impressed with the drilling lessons, but it was just a tip of the iceberg.
- Legxy Tase, Freelance Translator

A Better CV = High-Paying Gigs

How if you could tap into what makes a translator's CV irresistible to clients? Dying of passing the 10-second test and standing out of the crowd? This 5-day email course is what you need. It explores the anatomy of a translator's CV, provides tips from expert and vendor managers and includes worksheets, case studies, and data-backed tips to win the CV battle.

A Strong Translator Brand.

There is a misconception that translation and branding are mutually exclusive. This is plain wrong! Join this free community and receive resources to build a strong translator brand, plus tips and tricks to boost online visibility, so your profile would stand out of the millions ones available on the Internet.


Hello, Carlos Djomo. Thanks very much for your kind initiative. 

- Karla Sant'Anna, Freelance Translator