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Starting from scratch is not easy. That is the main reason why I will be uploading here the best translator resources, plus cool stuff I discover. So, keep calm and enjoy seminars notes, worksheets, templates, scripts, productivity apps and life hacks. Kindly share this page, so other linguists can benefit, too. 

Translation Updates

7 Ways to Make Your Translation Clients Love You

Finding translation clients is hard. You can’t deny it. As a translator, you know what the feast and famine cycle is all about. So, when you (finally) get some good clients, you don’t want them to go away, do you? The problem is, you are not the only translator out there providing services in your…

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What Does Christmas Mean To Translators?

As from early December every year, there seems to be something unique in the air as we slowly – but steadily – get closer and closer to Christmas Day. Sure, it is a magical season, full of excitement and stories about Santa Claus, elves, carols, etc. But translators are said to be from a different…

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Search It, Find It Book Trailer

This is a short post aimed at keeping you updated about the release of my book trailer. This showcases the main features of my latest book Search It, Find It: The Translator’s Minimalist Guide to Online Search, available on Amazon. Below is a quick summary about the book: Author: Carlos Djomo (that’s me!) Foreword: Catherine…

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Google Is Your Best Translator’s Tool (Here’s Why)

Google Search is the number 1 search engine, used almost instinctively when we think of making any online search It is no coincidence it is said to perform 2.3 million searches per second. That is about 100 billion searches per month and 2 trillion searches processed yearly. This is incredible, isn’t it? These figures illustrate how Google…

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9 Warning Signs That You Should Quit Translating

Translation is a multi-billion industry which provides jobs to millions of qualified professionals and empowers millions of companies (from startups to Fortune 500) and brands through bilingual and/or multilingual communications. Translation offers several career choices, including freelance – i.e. work-from-home – as well as in-house positions (usually referred to as 9-to-5 jobs). If you are…

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Top Translator’s Tips for New Year Resolutions

At the beginning of each year, it is a ritual to take resolutions and set goals for the next 12 months. Translators are no exception to this tradition. But it proves worthless to set unattainable goals. New Year resolutions are to be supported by well-thought considerations. Below are a few tips on how you can…

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Free PDF Translation Course

PDF Translation is a popular nightmare. This free email course introduces you to the basics about PDF files, from a translator’s perspective. It is all about identifying types of PDFs, preparing them for translation, handling various restrictions and going for the creative approach to handling the intricacies of PDF documents. PDF Translation Course Outcomes At the end…

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6 Most Important Ingredients of Freelance Success

It takes more than free time to succeed at freelancing. People usually say that freelancers enjoy more flexible schedules than regular employees working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sure, as a freelancer, you can work from the comfort of your bed or sofa. You set your own working hours and freely plan your life.…

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How to Spot An Untrustworthy Translation Company And Save Your Day

Believe it or not, translation companies are main sources of income for translators, editors, and desktop publishing (DTP) specialists all over the world. As the number of these companies is always growing, unscrupulous people tend to create their own under the same umbrella in a bid to scam linguists, stealing their work, time and/or identity. You…

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